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Snowball Fight World Record Attempt on the T-Home and T-Mobile Family Day

02 FEB 2009

During the winter period both T-Mobile’s and T-Home’s communication focused on showing people playing snowball together. That’s why Saatchi & Saatchi came up with the idea of a special event. We organized a family day on January 31, 2009 on the ice-ring in the City Park of Budapest to break the snowball fight world record.

The attempt to break the world record of snowball fight was promoted in press advertisements, citylight posters, tram stickers, school posters, T-Mobile stores and online banners. A microsite related to the event was also created: visitors of the website could find all information about the attempt and the programs of the family day. Saatchi & Saatchi encouraged the visitors of the website with a raffle game to participate in the world record attempt.

In the end, 3485 people were throwing snowballs at the same time. The record – registered by the Guinness World Record in 2006, held by the Michigan Technological University with 3745 people – could not be broken. However, the visitors of the T-Home and T-Mobile family day had great fun.